The musical talent show X-Factor on the air, on the Italian channel RaiDue, chooses the colored Ring and Love Collection, table, chair and stool designed by Giancarlo Zema for the Giovannetti Collezioni to give a smart touch to its sets.

The original owner of Giovannetti, in his late-seventies, is still the first to arrive and last to leave the Giovannetti facility. Giovannetti is crafted with love. In the mid-sixties consumers experienced increased amounts of free time which led to a growing need for relaxing, meeting and conversing. Giovannetti quickly gained a following for its innovative and well-researched experimentalism.

Giovannetti prides itself on letting its products speak for the entire integrity of Giovannetti. Aiming to free the modern domestic environment and make it creative, personalized and free of scheme, Giovannetti reaches its goals by focusing on aesthetic and formal research directly related to consumer need. Don't be surprised if you recognize the products as Giovannetti products are always in demand for TV shows (XFactor Italy), hotels and trendy restaurants and museums around the world.